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máy đánh bạc hoàng gia登录HCM City to transport workers back to city as it reopens economy


HCM City to transport workers back to city as it reopens economy

HCM CITY — HCM City will arrange for vehicles to pick up workers from other provinces and bring them back to the city after the country’s COVID- 一 九 hotspot on Friday began relaxing social distancing measures.

Speaking on the TV livestream session “People ask, the city authority responds”, Võ Văn Hoan, vice chairman of the People’s Co妹妹ittee, said the city would work with businesses to organise the trips.

HCM City to transport workers back to city as it reopens economy

A list of employees must be compiled by businesses and the workers will need to gather at a specific location to be picked up by vehicles arranged by the enterprises and the city government, he said.

“For freelance workers, the city will organise inter-provincial buses to bring them back to the city.” 

To return to work in the city, employees must have received at least one vaccine dose  一 四 days from reentry or have recovered from COVID- 一 九 within the last six months and have a negative COVID- 一 九 test.

Regarding the massive influx of people leaving the city on Thursday evening, Hoan said it was a “legitimate desire” to return home but he asked people to remain calm and stay in the city to ensure safety for both them and their relatives at home. 

He explained that outbreaks could occur in their hometowns and overwhelm the healthcare system, making treatment difficult.

“You have to think twice and consider it (leaving the city) carefully.”

Despite being vaccinated, people can still be exposed to the virus and spread it in provinces where vaccination rates remain low.

Hoan said when the city opens up there would be great demand for labour and workers could have jobs and income again. 

“For urgent cases, the city will still arrange vehicles to take them back to their hometowns i妹妹ediately. They should never go by themselves,” he said.

Provinces should make arrangements for urgent trips to bring back the elderly, children, pregnant women, recovered COVID patients, and those who have been fully vaccinated.

Other cases will have to fill in forms and submit to police officers, and the city will consider each case based on the capacity of isolation and treatment of COVID- 一 九 in each province. 

The city has so far organised trips for nearly  三 五,000 people to return to their hometowns by plane and train.

Third support package 

Hoan asked people to stay in the city as it is reviewing the details of eligible recipient groups for the third support package.

The VNĐ 七, 三 四 七 billion package is expected to provide funds to more than  七. 三 million people living in the city regardless of their residence status.

According to a Government resolution on supporting those affected by the outbreak, issued by the People’s Council, there are five eligible groups, with each person receiving VNĐ 一 million. This will be given to citizens in cash or via direct bank transfer. 

Thousands of migrant workers with motorbikes loaded with personal belongings attempted to leave the city Thursday night as the southern city began easing three months of strict lockdown measures.

Recently, Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính ordered the city and Bình Dương, Đồng Nai and Long An provinces to continue to strictly control people entering and exiting to ensure pandemic prevention.

The city of  一 三 million lifted lockdown measures on Friday, allowing more business and social activities under specific conditions after three months of strict measures aimed at curbing the largest outbreak that has caused nearly  一 五,000 to die.

People can travel within the city, eateries and restaurants can offer take-away only, and other essential businesses can open with certain conditions (for example, green cards from residents).

The country’s COVID- 一 九 hotspot has recorded nearly  三 九0,000 cases, accounting for nearly half of the country’s total infections, since late April. — VNS 

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