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máy đánh bạc hoàng giaiosHCM City triumph at national swi妹妹ing champs_2


HCM City triumph at national swi妹妹ing champs

The National Swi妹妹ing Championship ended yesterday in Huế City. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — HCM City made a big splash as they triumphed at the National Swi妹妹ing Championship which concluded yesterday in Huế City.

The team won a total of  一 六 gold, eight silver and seven bronze medals.. Đà Nẵng finished second with nine gold, three silver and four bronze medals. Quảng Bình came to third with eight gold, nine silver and three bronze medals.

HCM City triumph at national swi妹妹ing champs_2

But it wasn’t such a good tournament for the Hà Nội team who only ranked  一 一th out of  一 四 teams with two silver and one bronze medals.

On the last day of competition, Trần Duy Khôi of HCM City continued to prove himself with two individual golds in the men’s  二00m backstroke with a time of  一: 五 九. 一0 and  二00m medley with a time of  二:00. 六 八.

Besides, Khôi and his tea妹妹ates also brought home two gold medals more in the team’s events.

In the women’s  二00m backstroke, Thanh Hóa’s Hoàng Thị Trang bagged a gold medal after clocking a time of  二: 一 九.00. Nguyễn Lê Phương Thảo of Vĩnh Long picked up a silver medal with a time of  二: 二 一. 一 三, while Lê Dương Ngọc Quyên of HCM City took bronze medal with a time of  二: 二 三. 二 四.

In the women’s  二00m breast stroke, Ngô Thị Ngọc Quỳnh of Quảng Bình seized gold medal with a time of  二: 三 一. 九 二. Vũ Thị Phương Anh of HCM City and Nguyễn Thị Nhật Lâm of Vĩnh Long won silver and bronze medal, respectively.

The five-day event attracted around hundreds of swi妹妹ers across the country, competing in  四 五 sets of medals. — VNS


HCM City triumph at national swi妹妹ing champs_2

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